Getting access to the Switchd API

We can integrate with your product

Welcome to the Switchd API. We’ve built this for our partners so that receiving a Switchd savings quote and signing up for our service can be completed on your own platforms. Customers of our partners will have a much smoother signup process without needing to jump between two platforms.

Our API currently provides two core features:

  • A quote mechanism
    • This shows prospective customers how much they could save after submitting information about their property and current supplier. Your customers will get an instant savings quote with this integration.
Click here for more details on the quote API.
  • Signup integration
    • This allows your customers to sign up for our service on your own platform. There is no need for customers to be directed to our website or app to complete a signup.

Click here for more details on the quote API.

How to access the API

  • Drop a note to and we will set up a quick call to discuss using the API.
  • If deemed appropriate, you will receive an access token which will give you access to the API. This will allow you to retrieve information from us for one or both of the features described above.

We are happy to give further language support and can guide you through the API in more detail. Just get in touch with us.

Technical Information

  • The Switchd API uses HTTP methods and RESTful endpoints.
  • All our response messages are in JSON format.